Summer Reading Made Easier

EasySRP: A Smarter Approach
to Summer Reading Programs

Easier Setup

No more complicated apps. Build your SRP in 15 minutes using your existing paper logs and website.

Easier Logging

Parents hate data entry. Paper logs are easy, don't need passwords, and can be stuck to a fridge.

Easier Reports

Our logs have a unique code tied to each reader's signup information, making it easy to collect data.


Unlimited programs

Easily configure each program's signup form and scoring options.

Signup form

Embed the customizable signup form on your website or a public kiosk.

Customized logs

Each reader gets a customized log with a unique code for easy scanning.

Manage contacts

Easily manage readers and family contact information.

Flexible scoring

Quickly score each scanned log with our simple interface.

Useful reports

Built-in reports make end-of-summer reporting a breeze.

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